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About Us

About the Jewelry 
FALA Jewelry is an artistic expression of a woman who travels around the world and then found LOVE in California. FALA Jewelry wants to bring positive energy and messages to the world, and every piece is designed to effortlessly compliment you – whatever your styles and the occasions might be. 

All our jewelry is 100% hand-made, designed in the beautiful Santa Monica, California. Each piece is made of 14K gold plated .925 sterling silver, and with excellent attention to quality and details.
About the Clothing
Since its conception, FALA has defined itself as a distinctive yet wearable clothing brand with a strong, urban aesthetic and a fresh perception of femininity.

Inspired by modern women and with many years in the fashion industry under her belt, designer and founder Fala Chien, has made superior workmanship, timeless style and versatile design her life and her label.

With an understated and cool sensibility, each piece is beautifully crafted using a combination of the finest materials, resulting in elegant designs with a slick edge.

From elegant leather piping and chic panelling to create clean lines and fuss-free shape and structure, to wool linings and whispers of silk that exude sophistication and comfort, FALA’s designs work in harmony with the wearer, accentuating her style without dominating it.